New York City – Day 3

We were only in New York City for a few days which was perfect for us as there’s wasn’t loads we wanted to do however it did mean we spent most of the time tired and trying to catch up with the time.

We were up really early on our third day so made the most of it and headed over to the financial district and George’s Diner. Lucky as it was already really busy and there was a queue for seats. Despite being in a fairly touristy area it was full of locals. We both got coffee and a juice (I had a grapefruit juice which was sweetened…made for a fairly odd drink). P had the Eggs Gucamole (eggs on muffins with cheese, guc and ham alongside potato hash), P declared it the best meal of the trip (and he still maintains this). I had the Chocolate Chip French Toast which was also really good, so light and fluffy, but very very rich. Georges’ is in the financial district so we had a little peek at Wall St on the way to the subway station.
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The High Line
The High Line was mentioned by pretty much everyone when I told them we were visiting NYC. It was a lovely day for it, sunny and around 18c, so perfect for wandering along. If you’ve not heard of it before it’s an old railway track that’s been turned into a public garden. It runs from 14th Street to 34th Street and is 1.5 miles long. There’s lots of sculptures and amazing views down NYC streets along the way. The High Line was probably one of my favourite things we did in NYC. It was so warm we were walking along without jackets on and there’s so many places to have a seat and take it all in.

Near Essex Street there’s also a proposed Lowline, the world’s first underground park. It’s meant to open in 2020 so if you’re (really) forward planning you can add it to the list.
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Central Park
Again Central Park features on many must visit lists so we headed over there on the subway. Before we hit Central Park we popped into Columbus Circle (next to Central Park south) as I wanted to grab a few bits from Sephora. We didn’t really do any shopping in NYC as I’m more of an internet shopper, in fact the only shops we visited were Sephora and Duane Reades.

Before we started wandering around Central Park we grabbed an iced coffee from a nearby Starbucks for the walk. Central Park was okay, I wasn’t hugely bowled over by it though. Perhaps because it wasn’t summery or wintery; so no green lushness and no Christmassy snow. Everything was quite brown and even the fountains had been emptied. We walked past the lake and also the Alice in Wonderland sculpture which were both cute. I will say though it’s pretty impressive having such a huge park right in the middle of Manhattan.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese
One of the things to remember about NYC is that those blocks can be deceptively long to walk. After Central Park we decided to hit up Earl’s Beer & Cheese for a well earned sandwich and beer. We figured it looked like a short walk from the edge of the park so headed down Park Avenue. We were a bit confused to start with, a cheese and beer bar in amoung all the Park Avenue Princess pads did not feel right at all. 20 blocks later we happened on it in the less princess-y part of Park Avenue.

It’s a narrow little bar that sells craft beers and a cheese menu. We both had a pint of very good pale ale. P had the Mozzarella Grilled Cheese Sandwich which he said was okay. He had total food envy of mine. A pork belly, kimchi, cheese and fried egg sandwich which was fantastic.
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Rockefeller Centre & Times Square
One of the odd things about our trip to NYC was that it didn’t feel Christmassy at all as it was so warm! Determined to get into the spirit we visited the Rockefeller Centre to see the tree.

It was crazy busy. So busy you couldn’t walk, you had to be carried by the crowd. The tree was pretty though. We also stopped by Times Square on the way to Greenwich Village. Again it was manic and overwhelming but seeing the bright lights was cool. We were going to visit M&Ms World to stock up but the huge amount of people was off putting so we just grabbed some from a Duane Reade instead!
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Mighty Quinn’s
I’ve never been a huuuuuge fan of BBQ restaurants but P really wanted to visit one so we did some research and everyone had great things to say about Mighty Quinn’s, there’s a few around NYC so take your pick.

Before we did we had a few glasses of wine at the Greenwich Treehouse which is a block down from Mighty Quinn’s. It was pretty hard to find a bar that wasn’t full of drunken Santa’s (it was SantaCon on the Saturday night, 1000’s of people dress up as Santa, get drunk and rowdy). The bar was cool; filled with video games and big screens showing retro films. The drinks were much needed as we’d walked down from Times Square which took about twice as long as normal because of the masses of crowds.

After drinks we went to Mighty Quinn’s. It’s a counter service restaurant so you order then either get given your food or they’ll bring it over. P had the Naked Burnt Ends with Fries and Burnt End Baked Beans. I had the Spicy Chicken Wings with Potato Salad and Carrot, Roasted Chickpea and Tahini Salad. Everything was incredible. The burnt ends were so rich and just fell apart. The beans had been slow cooked with burnt ends added and the fries were so crispy. My chicken wings had a delicious marinade and the potato salad was the best I’ve ever tasted. The carrot salad was a nice light, refreshing accompaniment to an otherwise very rich meal. Not managing to finish my meal was my only New York City disappointment.

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Duane Reades are basically on every corner and they’re your one stop shop for candy, beer, band aids and Advil. The Duane Reade in Williamsburg even has a chiller ROOM filled with beer and a growler (hehehe) filling station.

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