Life Catch Up

I don’t generally do many life catch up style posts but there’s lots of little bits I wanted to write about so thought it might be better than doing multiple bitty blog posts – plus it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m feeling a bit lazy so go figure!

Harvey Nichols and House of Peroni gave me a couple of tickets for their Cinema Al Fresco pop-up in the Victoria Quarter so the bestie and I went along to watch The Talented Mr Ripley. We were treated to a picnic box of Italian snacks (all delicious, especially the VERY garlicky mussels and rum & chocolate ricotta filled cannoli) along with a few bottles of Peroni (obviously). It was fun to watch the film in a different environment (being in the middle of the VQ was slightly surreal) but it was a bit chilly despite the blankets – who’d have thought snow in early Nov!

KNITWEAR. I’ve gone a bit far with the jumper buying recently, around 15 in the last week or so…but it my defense I’m sending all but one back. I’m on a bit of a crazed mission for the perfect jumper…and this morning I found it in none other than Sainsbury’s! It’s part of their Tu ‘Premium’ range and it fits just right, feels soft, snuggly enough to keep me warm but won’t leave me a sweaty mess if I wear it inside and is a bargain at £25 – check it out here.

And what was I doing in previously mentioned Sainsbury’s? (I’m a diehard Waitrose and Aldi tag team gal). I’ve been scouting out good prosecco deals and Sainsbury’s comes up trumps. Their Taste the Difference one is on sale (from £10 to £8) AND if you buy 6 bottles it’s 25% off. That’s 6 bottles of bloody decent fizz for £36.

So I might have given up on my commitment to being a mid week vegetarian. I didn’t really achieve what I set out to which was try and be healthier (cheese) and save money (lots of cheese). However I definitely nailed a few recipes that I’ll be keeping in my weekday repertoire like the Mexican Bowl and Roasted Veg, Lentil & Goats Cheese Salad.

Christmassy! Advent calendars have been purchased; a pork scratching one for him (yes, it really exists at The Snaffling Pig Co.) and the M&S Beauty Calendar one for me. Beauty calendars are a trend I’m totally on board with as it stops me scoffing chocolate the whole way through December (and no-one needs to be chocolated out by Xmas day). The M&S one is really good value this year – £35 if you spend £35 with contents worth £250 featuring some of my absolute favs like Emma Hardie Moringa Balm, Alpha-H Liquid Gold, Pixi & REN.

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