Leeds Prosecco Crawl

If you’re a fan of the fizzy stuff then a prosecco crawl across Leeds should be right up your street…

Ox Club
Ox Club Leeds 1
Ox Club Leeds 2
We started at Ox Club for a boozy brunch, lining your stomach is an absolute must and Ox Club does the best brunch in town at the moment. I went for the Korean Fried Chicken (£7.50) this time which is perhaps even better than the pancakes (blasphemy). It’s served with fried rice, pickled cucumbers, kimchi and a fried egg. We arrived around 2pmish. You can’t reserve tables for the brunch service but food is on until 3.30pm so it’s not a mad rush to get a table like some places. Obviously along with a coffee we had a few glasses of fizz (£5 each)…

Harvey Nichols
Harvey Nichols
It’s crazy busy here on a Saturday afternoon – think ladies what lunch etc. We were pretty lucky that we arrived just as one table were leaving as quite the queue was forming behind us. As you’d expect the bar is lovely there and feels very decadent. My favourite thing though? The glasses of prosecco are mammoth, at least a 1/3 bigger than most places and at £7.50 a glass I don’t think it’s too expensive.

The Decanter
The Decanter Leeds
Next up was a newbie, The Decanter on Park Row where none of us had been before. It’s a nice little bar with some seating at the back. Due to it being a Saturday though it was standing room only so we popped in for just the one. Glasses of prosecco start at £4 so definitely the most reasonable of all the bars we visited.

The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit Leeds
We actually ended up here by accident. We were trying to get to Len’s (which apparently is actually closed down). As suggested by the name it’s got lots of nods to Alice in Wonderland. It was a nice break from the other bars as it was virtually empty (it’s off the beaten track and was only about 6pm) so we could actually sit & have a chat. The barman was nice enough to tell us it was nearly cheaper to get a bottle between us than a glass each so in the interest of being good with money we ordered one (£19.95).

The Blackhouse
Blackhouse Leeds
The final stop on our prosecco crawl was The Blackhouse, who can resist the twinkly lights and allure of fizz? We sat at the bar and ordered another bottle (£30). The bar seats overlook the restaurant, which if I’m honest, would have been a bit weird watching people eat but I was so p*ssed I didn’t think about it. We ended up ordering another glass each after the bottle (£5.50) and after that everything gets a bit blurry…

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