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I’ve not been to Prashad for yonks so when an invitation to visit the restaurant landed in my inbox I was super excited – I had great memories of the food! Now when I say yonks I really do mean around 4 years ago; they’ve moved location so had they managed to retain the Prashad I loved from my first visit?

Firstly the location, and if I’m honest the main reason I’ve not visited for so long; it’s in Drighlington which is kinda out the way for this north Leeds gal. We got a cab over which took around 30 mins but there’s loads of parking in front of the building if you’d rather drive. The place is much, much larger than their previous restaurant but was still buzzing on a Friday night – a good sign. We were seated on the second level (from what I could see there were 3 floors) in a large open dining room which had a nice fusion of traditional Tudor beams and hints of India from accessories and wall hangings.

We started with drinks; a pint of Kingfisher (£4.80) for him and a Pomegranate Mint Sling (£4.75) for me. Isn’t that mocktail just a beaut? Sometimes places will pass off an orange juice with ice for a mocktail but Prashad go all out – a refreshing, zingy mix of pomegranate juice, mint and soda.

To get a full idea of Prashad’s offering we were treated to the 7 course taster menu (£46) which showcases a great range of their dishes. We started with an open samosa – a Sanku. The flavours were perfectly balanced with a deep cumin flavour running through. A fab little taster to whet our appetite.

Next out were the Pattra; parcels of spiced potato (I think) wrapped in spinach leaves. Again the spice balance was brilliant and worked perfectly with the sharp green chutney. Although P loved the taste, he found the inside of the parcels too lacking in texture so a mixed review on these.

A stunner of a dish right? This was the Kopra Pethis; fresh coconut balls sat on more of that delicious green chutney with a beetroot puree. As tasty as it was pretty.

Next was Bhel Puri; I’m pretty sure I’ve spoken of my love of bhel puri before on the blog, it’s my absolute favourite dish, I could eat it forever. Prashad’s didn’t let me down – crunchy puffed rice, crispy pastry, chopped tomatoes and onion all drizzled with a sweet sour tamarind sauce. A proper taste and texture sensation, I promise you won’t look back after trying some – welcome to bhel puri anonymous.

We then moved onto mains and another of my favourite dishes – the Masala Dosa. This was a mini version (it’s usually triple the size) but wasn’t mini in flavour. A crispy lentil pancake sat on top of a spiced potato curry, a lentil broth and a coconut chutney. I’m a big dosa fan and this is as good as any you’ll find on Drummond Street, P however still can’t quite get on with them so it wasn’t his favourite course.

Our second main course was a Vegetable Kofta – definitely not something I’d usually order but it was so, so tasty! The kofta had really complex spicing and worked perfectly with the tomato sauce thick with cardamon. Also rice AND naan – double carb wins me over anytime.

Then finally onto dessert which turned out to be the most controversial course of the evening for P and I. We had Mango Shrikhand which is a strained Indian yoghurt, it almost has the texture of butter. I really enjoyed it (I have a major sweet tooth) but P found it too rich and dense a finish after 6 courses.

Despite some arguing over what we thought of different courses, both P and I agreed that Prashad’s food is fantastic; complex and deep flavours run throughout all the dishes and we loved how refined all of the food was. The tasting menu is a great way to try new dishes you’d ordinary skip over so I’d give it a shot if you’re new to Southern Indian food, and even if not it’d be nice for an occasion. And for god’s sake – don’t forget to order the bhel puri.

The meal was complimentary however views are my own.

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