Pinche Pinche – Leeds

Last weekend was pure girl with P being away in Cardiff watching the Olympic football. One of my girlfriends headed up from London and with some others we headed to Pinche Pinche. The place was buzzing when we arrived and we got straight down to the nitty gritty…cocktails! We ordered a round of mojitos. Last time we came the cocktails were bang on so we were a little disappointed that they weren’t that great (I guess it really does depend who’s on the bar) however the waiter was very lovely and bought over some sugar to sweeten them up. The food however remained fabulous. I had fish taco’s, lamb quesadilla, Mexican coleslaw and nibbled/stole some of Ellen’s guc and chips!

The food was consistently fresh and zingy, I didn’t even feel like I’d spoilt my bikini diet (10 days and counting!) eating it. I’ve figured out that the perfect amount for me is 2 small dishes (quesadillas and tacos) plus a side. It came in at around £20ish each. I keep meaning to go here with P because I know he’ll love it but he keeps being absent when I go!

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