Humpit – Leeds

It’s quite refreshing to find somewhere that has a small menu, usually when I head to a new place for lunch I end up spending a good 15 mins blankly staring at the menu trying to make a choice, and even then I’ll only have decided on what bread I want. So when I rocked up to Humpit I was pleasantly surprised by their short but sweet (not literally) menu, it’s pretty much hummus, pita & falafel.

It’s on the ground level of the Corn Exhange with seating inside the cafe, and outside (but still inside the Corn Exchange, if you see what I mean). I had a chat with the owner Jonathan before ordering, very lovely chap, who told me about how they made the hummus fresh.

To drink we had a Fresh Lemonade (£1.50) each which was delicious, sharp and refreshing. Plus an absolute bargain at £1.50 for a big glass!

Me and P both went for The Mixed Bowl (£6) which included hummus, a falafel with tahini sauce, spicy salsa and mushrooms & onions served alongside a warm pita. The hummus was rich, smooth and creamy, the kind you try to recreate at home but actually end up with a slightly lumpy (pass it off as rustic) mess. The falafel was definitely the best I’ve had in a while. Well spiced and not at all dry like they usually are. The salsa was nice and had a kick however not for me (I have a bit of a weird thing about tomatoes and creamy things). The mushrooms and onions were a nice addition to the mix; well cooked and full of flavour.
bowl 1
bowl 3
The bowls are served with warm pita which were tasty and a decent size. P felt like the hummus vs pita ratio was a bit unbalanced and thought it should come served with more (you can buy an additional pita for 50p) however I was happy with mine, I even ended up donating half of mine to his cause.
We also had the Mixed Pickles (£1.50) which I absolutely loved! They cut through the rich hummus perfectly. I’m a pickle fiend anyway, my go to snack is a jar of pickled chillies!
At £6 (plus pickles and drink) it’s not the cheapest lunch however it is VERY filling. We had an early lunch, around 12.30pm and I didn’t feel like eating again till 9pm that evening (and I’m a real grazer).

I’d definitely recommend checking out Humpit if you’re after a tasty, fresh lunch – promise me you’ll get the freshly squeezed lemonade! Plus you’ve got to love somewhere that has the balls to serve such a limited menu.

*parts of this meal were complimentary


  1. Ooh this is high on my list of places to try in Leeds (there are so so many!). Looks good, glad to hear both their falafel and hummus are up to scratch 🙂

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