Filmore and Union – Leeds

I love brunch; big piles of maple syrup dripping pancakes, bacon, eggs and butter laden bread, crispy french toast. Sometimes brunch does not like me though. After a few months of playing around with my diet I’ve found that I feel a lot better if I lay off the gluten. Sadly gluten things > other things.

So on my quest for a vaguely glutenless brunch I came across Filmore and Union in the VQ. A fair few GF symbols on the menu and right outside Space NK – double score! It’s in the middle of the VQ which does sound a bit odd but is actually quite nice, they even have heaters & blankets for if it gets nippy.

I went one Sunday around 11am and although there were a few people dining, it wasn’t very busy. We were seated quickly and had our drinks order taken straight away. I went for a coffee (take away menu says £2.50, can’t remember if that’s right) and a Slim Down Juice (again takeaway menu says £3.75 but might have been more expensive to sit in). The juice was delicious; pineapple, lemon, strawberry & apple. Really zingy and fresh, the juices were so good my friend who hadn’t originally ordered one promptly got one.
To eat I went for the Smashed Avocado & Feta with Honey Roasted Pears, Goji Berries (I asked not to have these) & Pumpkin Seeds on Rye Bread (£8.95). To be honest I did wonder how they could justify the price tag but when it turned up I was impressed, along with what was stated on the menu it also came with a kale & butternut squash salad and a coleslaw. All of the dish was good and I really enjoyed the pear, not one I’d normally think of to use in this kinda meal. I had no fuss subbing in some GF bread, and hardly noticed the difference.
avocado on toast
It is a few quid more expensive than other places, especially when you chuck in a juice & coffee, I think I left around £15 lighter however it was a nice treat. Plus you get to walk out feeling smug about all the green juice and wheat grass you’ve probably just necked.

(They do a gluten free afternoon tea…y’know just in case someone was thinking of treating me.)

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