Dim Sum SU – Trinity Kitchen

Steamed gua bao buns have been on my lust list FOREVER, right back in March 2014 when I missed Fu-Schnikens doing a stint in Belgrave (all was not lost, I hooked up with Patty Smith’s instead). I finally managed to track some down at this rotations Trinity Kitchen – Dim Sum SU. If you’ve not heard of gua bao before I’ve seen them described as a Taiwanese burger; hot steamed buns filled with meat or veg.

After much deliberation I ordered the Pork Belly Bao, the Tofu & Aubergine Bao (2 for £7 or £4 each) and shared the Crispy Pork & Prawn Wontons (£5) with P.
Dim Sum SU at Trinity Kitchen 1
Dim Sum SU at Trinity Kitchen 2
Dim Sum SU at Trinity Kitchen 3
The bao were so, so, so good – definitely worth the 18 month wait! The buns were light & doughy, and the fillings sensational. The slow cooked pork belly just fell apart it was so tender. The tofu was crispy and the aubergine almost meaty. Both bao were stuffed full so they might look small but they’re filling. The wantons were equally as delicious. Really crispy without being greasy in the slightest and they were perfect with the sweet chilli sauce.

Sadly it’s the last week of Dim Sum SU at Trinity Kitchen however it does look like they pop up at events around Leeds so if you can’t make it down this week, make sure you keep an eye out. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on these gua bao.


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