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Mexican is my favourite type of food but it is so hard to find the good stuff. It’s often greasy, deep fried or loaded with cheese (more often than not all three). So I was keen to try out the offering from Cielo Blanco when they invited me down for dinner as a good Mexican restaurant is one you gotta hold onto with your life.

Cielo Blanco is on the top level of Trinity at the front which means it has a terrace; nice for warmer days. Unfortunately we totally misjudged this when we requested a seat outside but soon found solace in some patio heaters. It was pretty busy as it was a Friday night but there were a few tables so I assume they do walk ins if you’re the spontaneous type.

The Booze
Cielo Blanco 9
After a cursory look over the drinks menu I honed in on the cocktail section. I’ve heard a LOT of good things about the cocktails at Cielo Blanco so wasn’t passing them by. I tried a few throughout the evening (Pink Grapefruit & Pineapple Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Basil & Pineapple Margarita and a Mai Tai – each around the £7 mark). They were all really fabulous however my favourites were the margaritas, I love that they experiment with the flavours as well!

The Food
Whilst we were looking over the menu we ordered some Guacamole & Chips (£4.50). A generous portion of both alongside the house salsas. The guacamole was obviously homemade and had a good squeeze of lime to make it sing. P thought it was a bit too smooth, preferring a chunkier mix but I was happy.
Cielo Blanco
We decided to take advantage of the ‘Street Food Experience’ which is 6 of their street food dishes for £25; we went for the Pork & Chorizo Meatballs, Chicken Tinga Tacos, Chorizo & Potato Tostadas, Mushroom Quesadillas, Ground Beef Quesadillas and Slow Cooked Goat Flautas. We also shared a couple of sides; Sweet Potato Fries with Jalapeno Aioli (£3.45) and Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos (£3.45).

The best of the dishes were the Mushroom Quesadillas which had an incredible green herb salsa really bringing them alive. We also really liked the Chicken Tinga Tacos which had a fab kick of spice balanced with guacamole and the Slow Cooked Goat Flautas. Flautas are filled, rolled tacos which are then deep fried (kinda like a Mexican spring roll I suppose). These ones were packed with rich, shredded goat meat topped with pickled red onions. The Chorizo & Potato Tostadas were also really tasty; big chunks of chorizo and crispy potato sat on top of a fried corn tortilla.
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Cielo Blanco 2
Cielo Blanco 8
Cielo Blanco 3
We weren’t so keen on the meatballs, they tasted a bit fatty and the sauce was watery. I did like that they were served with soft shell tacos though so you could build your own. I wasn’t also keen on the Ground Beef Quesadillas. I think it was the jalapeno ketchup that wasn’t doing it for me as it was overly sweet.
Cielo Blanco 1
Cielo Blanco 7
The sweet potato fries were solid; very crispy but I would have liked more! We only managed a few of the Cheesy Jalapenos, they were really tasty however hella spicy. I think I’ve got a fairly good tolerance (I’ll slather Encona Hot Pepper on anything) but these were way too much! In all fairness though our waitress did warn us.
Cielo Blanco 4
Cielo Blanco 5
For pudding we opted for one of my favourite desserts, Churros (£6.95) along with a Dulce De Leche Sundae (£4.50). I was pretty happy with the churros. Not too greasy and the chocolate sauce was dark & smooth. P thought they were overcooked though and a bit *too* crispy. The sundae was a bit of a let down; it was pretty much vanilla ice cream with a bit of Dulce De Leche. Not the most exciting but did cool our mouths down after the stuffed jalapenos!
Cielo Blanco 11
Cielo Blanco 10
Have I found my new Mexican love then? Hmmmmmmm maybe more of a hookup. The cocktails were fabulous and there were definitely some dishes I wouldn’t hesitate in ordering again (especially those Mushroom Quesadillas and Chicken Tinga Tacos) but there were also some misses. If I was after somewhere to grab a few nice drinks, a couple of dishes and sit outside it’s definitely a good option but it’s not quite my perfect match.

The meal was complimentary however views are my own.

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