Chaophraya Brunch – Leeds

Chaophraya is a firm favourite in our household; great food and even better staff so when an invite landed in my inbox to try out their new bottomless brunch I was intrigued to say the least. The menu is mostly based around dishes from their normal menu and is bottomless food (£25) along with an additional £10 for bottomless prosecco. It runs from 11-3pm, we ended up going quite early which meant Chaophraya was a little on the empty side but it did start to fill up towards the end of our visit. And the food? Ohhhh the food! We ended up trying nearly everything so I’ll walk you through.

Thai Tacos and Spring Rolls were a firm favourite; freshly made and great little nibbles. The spring rolls were crispy, well filled and not at all greasy. The tacos were topped with curried chicken and served on a thick rice flour taco which makes it a bit denser than your usual corn taco – a yummy little mouthful regardless.

Sweetcorn Cakes and Omelette were mixed. The sweetcorn cakes were fritters spiced with red curry paste which worked nicely with the chilli dipping sauce. The omelette was less good though; on the greasy side and a bit boring. The sriracha it was served with was passed round the table though; my absolute favourite and this one had a proper kick!

We tried some of the bigger dishes next; Crispy Pork Belly, Massaman Chicken Curry & Yellow Prawn Curry. Both currys were tasty and generous with the fillings, especially the prawns. The spicing across them is fairly similar though so I’d suggest going for the Green Thai Curry instead of both to mix it up. The pork belly was well flavoured; served on a bed of veg with a strong taste of basil however was on the fatty side which was a shame.

Finally we finished savoury on some carbs; the Chicken Pad Thai and Spicy Fried Rice. The pad thai was delicious; well balanced with rice noodles, veg, egg, tofu and chicken. The pickled veg on top cut through the dish making it really moorish! The spicy fried rice was also a favourite; fried rice with a good hum of chilli topped with a fried egg – would make the perfect hangover cure I’m sure.

Then finally a little sweetness to really finish us off! Thai Honey Yoghurt & Coconut Pandan Pancakes. The yoghurt was actually frozen which I wasn’t expecting at all and really quite refreshing; sourness just bringing it back from the honey sweetness. Would be the perfect antidote if you’d been hitting the sriracha too hard. The pancakes were nice (gluten free by the way) but were missing a bit of contrast as they were quite heavy HOWEVER we did find that if you topped them with the yoghurt it was perfect so order both.

The service throughout was fantastic as is usual of Chaophraya; the staff were absolutely on it with topping up fizz and food so you get your moneys worth.

There are a few new additions to the menu for brunch (like the omelette and pancakes) however for the most part the dishes are the same as the normal Chaophraya menu so don’t go expecting a whole new brunch menu. There were definitely some hits and some misses but I suppose with lots of choice there are always going to be some you prefer than others. And value? I’d say pretty great. A lot of similar priced brunches in Leeds you don’t get bottomless food so if you’re a fan of Thai then give it a go! It probably wouldn’t be my choice of bottomless brunch in Leeds as there’s loads of other options on offer but Chaophraya does always hold a special place in my heart (or should that be stomach?).

This meal was complimentary, views are my own though.

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