Bottomless Brunch – Epernay Leeds

I’ve mentioned my love of brunch a fair few times on the blog over the years, but you know what’s better? BOOZY BRUNCHES. And even better than that? BOTTOMLESS BOOZY BRUNCHES! I’ve not ever seen one before in Leeds so when I spotted Epernay did a bottomless brunch I knew it would be perfect for when one of my best gals visited from London.

It’s on every Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12-4pm and for £25 you get as much continental breakfast as you can manage along with as many of their brunch cocktails you can drink for 90 mins.

Food is a mixture of cheeses, ham, bread, croissants and jams. All of it was tasty, not exceptional or exciting but good. The waiting staff bring you out a selection of everything to start and then you can either top it all up or just go for the bits you liked. There is also no judgement; I ate 6 pain au chocolat and 2 croissants.
Bottomless Brunch Leeds 3
Bottomless Brunch Leeds 1
Really you go for the cocktails though, food is more an afterthought. There’s a menu of 8 brunch cocktails; 3 Bloody Mary variations, 2 fizz cocktails and 3 martinis.

To start with we had Grapefruit Mimosas which were basically grapefruit bucks fizz. Probably my favourite of the cocktails (I had 2…).
Bottomless Brunch Leeds 2
Next we had a French Martini which was a mixture of vanilla vodka and Chambord (raspberry liqueur).
Bottomless Brunch Leeds 4
We tried a Breakfast Martini (gin & marmalade) and a Bloody Maria (tequila version of a Bloody Mary). These were probably our least favourite of the cocktails. The Breakfast Martini was okay, but the French was much better. The Bloody Maria was probably a bit too much for us to handle after all that food as it was very strong. Though I so do want to get into drinking Bloody Marys…
Bottomless Brunch Leeds 5
Then finally I finished with a Bucks Fizz.
Bottomless Brunch 9
We ate, we drank, we were merry – and all for a very reasonable £25. Apparently bottomless brunches are set to get a bit bigger in the UK (you see a lot of them in NYC which I can vouch for as I’ve been researching a lot for our trip next month) and I am totally down with this trend. What’s better than spending a few hours unlimited eating and drinking?


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