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Sometimes I find getting brunch in Leeds on Sunday a pain. There’s only a few places I like and often there are earlier birds than me so seats get filled very quickly. Usually my search in town results in me wandering aimlessly around different places, getting fed up and grabbing a croissant from Waitrose – not very fruitful.

Which means I am always DELIGHTED to see when somewhere new opens up. I was contacted by Bill’s to see if I fancied going down to try out the food. I’m not entirely new to Bill’s, there’s one in Cambridge which I’ve visited before however thought this would be a good opportunity to try their brunch offerings as I’d heard good things (just to note though they also do lunch and dinner). First big tick for Bill’s: you can book online. Hooray – no more dying of a hangover whilst waiting for a table.

Me and P went last Sunday morning and it was a good amount of busy. Enough people that it had a buzzy atmosphere but not too many that it felt overcrowded (headache + noisy chatter = bad times). Inside has a relaxed, industrial feel about it. Lots of exposed pipe and steel but some nice stripped wood so you don’t feel like you’re dining in a nightclub.
The breakfast menu is fairly succinct; around 10 dishes along with juices and hot drinks. We both went for a cappuccino (£2.30 each), I had a large Carrot, Apple & Ginger juice (£4.30) and P had a large Cloudy Apple Juice (£3.05). The coffees were nice and came pretty quickly which was great. My juice was perfect for if you’re feeling a bit queasy from the night before as it was packed full of ginger, very refreshing.
For our food I ordered the Blueberry and Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon (£5.95 + £1.50 for the bacon). They were so, so, so good. Big fluffy pancakes absolutely doused in maple syrup (as they should be) with strawberries and bacon. As I’m writing this I’ve *just* eaten but I could totally hoover them up again. Absolute heaven.
Cooked breakfast
P went for Bill’s Breakfast with Black Pudding and Crispy Potato (£7.95 + £1.50 for the black pudding + £1.25 for the crispy potato). I have to caveat this with the fact that P ALWAYS orders a cooked breakfast and very rarely does it live up to his standards. In fact I can only remember one other place that it has. When it arrived though even I was impressed (and I generally dislike a full English – too stodgy). The bacon and sausages looked and tasted very high quality, the black pudding was crispy on the outside but soft in the middle and the crispy potato was a delicious homemade hash brown. A particular highlight for P was the fried egg which had been cooked with (we think) tarragon which was a nice twist. He happily ate the whole plate and said it was one of the best fry ups he’d had.

We were left happy, full and impressed that we’d been served and eaten in under an hour (though they didn’t hurry us along so if you fancied more of a leisurely brunch I’m sure that would be fine). As I said before, I’m not new to Bill’s however I’ll definitely be going back. I can’t think of a better place to get my pancake fix!

This meal was complimentary, views are my own though.

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  1. I went to bills for dinner and had a chicken and chorizo burger, which was delicious. I really want to try their brunches though as heard so many good things, and this has just clarified that – looks absolutely brilliant, especially the pancakes! great review 🙂

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