Degustabox (June)

Degusta Box 1
Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment. Beauty, coffee, gardening, I hear there’s even a Kickstarter for a cheese toastie subscription box (I know *mouth drool*). When Degustabox contacted me asking if ‘d like to review their monthly food boxes obviously my answer was yes!

A prettily packaged mystery box arrived at the end of June, of course, like any presents half the fun is unpacking! My box contained:

Kallo Salt & Vinegar Rice Cakes (snack pack)
Kallo Belgian Chocolate Caramel Rice Cakes
Pitch Brioche (chocolate chip & gooey chocolate centre)
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime
Vybe Coconut Water
Coconom Coconut Sugar
Melba Thins
Zeo Drinks
Love Chin Chin
It also had a Icycl Vodka Frozen Lolly but it burst in my box

So I spent a while trying to figure out how to write this review without it just being a long list so I’ve divided the stuff up into likes and not so sures.
Degusta Box 3

I’m a big rice cake fan (I’m very aware this makes me sound incredibly boring) so I really liked both the Kallo Salt & Vinegar and Belgian Chocolate with Caramel rice cakes. The savoury ones were great to eat on the way to a pilates class and filled me up till dinner. I’ve had these sweet ones before and they’re great when you want a chocolate hit but you don’t want to be too naughty.

I ummed and ahhhed about which bit to put the Zeo drinks in. I did like them however they definitely have a bit of a sweetener aftertaste which isn’t the nicest but it’s the price you pay for low calories & sugar. I preferred the Peach & Grapefruit to the Zesty Lime as it had a stronger flavour.

Hoooray for chocolate brioche – a brilliant invention! Suffice to say I was pretty happy to see 2 packets of Pitch chocolate brioche. All of them are individually packaged which is handy for popping in your bag…or stopping you eating loads. I was planning to make a bread & butter pudding with the chocolate chip ones but we ended up eating them all… The chocolate filled ones were the fav as they were much moister.

I’d never heard of chin chin before (apparently a popular West African snack). We were sent the cinnamon flavour and it was pretty much as described, the taste of cake but with the texture of biscuit. Really moorish as they weren’t overly sweet, dangerous as a packet quickly disappears!

Not so sure
I found the Rekorderlig too sweet for me (it tasted a bit like a melted ice pop) however I should probably mention I’d been at a beer festival all day so my taste might have been a bit off.

I tried to do some baking with the Coconom Coconut Sugar however had an absolute fail (not to do with the sugar though, more to do with my my being too lazy to walk to the shop for butter). To be honest it tasted like sugar so I haven’t got anything huge to report. It seems more suited for people looking for a paleo/low GI product.

Haven’t tried yet
Vybe Coconut Water
Melba Thins
(I’ll try to remember to update the review once I’ve cracked them open)

This was sent to me for free however views are my own

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