Chiswells Coffee

I’m definitely a coffee kinda gal, I can’t stand tea (cue lots of angry Yorkshire folk) so when I was contacted and offered some of Chiswells of London coffee I jumped at the chance.

I was sent a bag of the Malawi AAA Mzuzu Coffee to try, I put it to the test when my parents came up this weekend. They stopped off at our house and after managing to tidy the house AND myself in 20 mins before they arrived I definitely deserved a cuppa.

It had mixed reviews, P and my dad both didn’t think it was strong enough (my dad notoriously likes his coffee very strong though) but me and my mum both liked it. It was very smooth, chocolatey and I thought a little bit nutty too. It probably doesn’t have the kick I need to sort me out in the morning but definitely perfect for an afternoon cuppa with a slice of cake! Mmmmmmm cake…

p.s. if you like my cup you should check out – it’s run by an old college friend of mine and is filled with lovely things!

This was sent to me for free however views are my own.

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