Best Leeds Takeaways

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Finding a good takeaway is hard. You have to kiss (eat?) a lot of frogs before you really get hold of some gems, but fear not – I’ve taken all the hard work out with my Leeds takeaway guide. No worrying about whether unidentifiable tubs of barely edible ‘food’ will turn up. Or even if it will turn up at all. – just sit back, relax and feast.

Pitza Cano –
If you’re after a decent takeaway pizza (none of that fancy sour dough charcoal bases) then you need not look any further than Cano’s. Yes the ingredients aren’t artisan but more pizza than you need for a fiver and a big tub of garlic mayo for a quid, jobs a good’un. Find them on: Just Eat

Daawat – I don’t usually go for an Indian takeaway as often find them disappointing but Daawat counters that. Tasty curries and the cheapest prices around. My usual is Tandoori Chicken (on the bone) with a few vegetable curries (try the Saag Paneer, Bombay Aloo or the Mushroom Garlic Bhaji). Find them on: Just Eat

Jino’s – My go to option if I can’t be bothered to cook and fancy getting something healthyish delivered. My fav dishes are Yam Salad with Chicken or Beef and either a side of Coconut Rice or Tom Yam Soup with Tiger Prawns. A word of warning though – that salad is hooooot! Find them on: Deliveroo

Sakura – My favourite Chinese takeaway – I have a soft spot for Crispy Chilli Beef and theirs is great (not claggy or overly synthetic like other takeaways). Usually ordered with some Pork Dumplings, Crispy Seaweed and Fried Rice. Perfect hangover food and doesn’t taste like it’s been knocking around for days. Find them on: Just Eat

Senbon Sakura – If Japanese is more your vibe then definitely check out this place. You can order sukshi, katsu, tempura and much, much more. I’m partial to their Spicy Kimchi Wings, Avocado Tempura and Spicy Tuna Rolls. Find them on: Just Eat

Five Guys –
Everyone knows Five Guys right? Originally American, they’ve turned the UK fast food market on its head by offering quality ingredients, well cooked. The portions are supersized, trust me you just need a small burger & fries (and a milkshake too obvs). Find them on: Deliveroo

Pinche Pinche – One of my favourite restaurants in Leeds also does delivery. Okay you can’t get *everything* as I guess tacos don’t travel so well but do get the guc & chips, open cod burrito and churros for a perfect Mexican feast. Find them on: Deliveroo

The Mad Greek – Another Chapel Allerton favourite and great if you’re in the mood for fresh, Mediterranean tastes. Try their tzatziki, hummus, dolmades, baked feta and melitzanosalata. Find them on: Deliveroo & Just Eat

I Am Doner – These guys didn’t win a British Kebab Award for nothing. Fresh salads, quality meat and authentic flavours, they know how to make a kebab feel special. I usually opt for their salad box instead of a full bread wrapped kebab as boy are they filling. Find them on: Deliveroo

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