New Year’s Resolution

Yup I know, this is probably like the 1,685th blog post you’ve read on NYR’s so I won’t bleat on for too long, it’s more of a binding contract to myself so I can’t sweep any memory of my commitments under the carpet.

1) Use eye makeup remover rather than ragging my poor eyes around. 2014 was the year I got into skincare and I’ve kept up a decent regime however I still go at my eyes despite knowing better. 2015 will be the year of youthful eyes.

2) Only buying soy candles (I didn’t say my NYR’s would be interesting). So now I think about this more, it’s not realllllllly a NYR because I’m pretty much telling myself to buy nicer, more expensive candles because I like them. Meh, soy sounds healthy though – there’s my argument.

3) Be a grownup and get another human being to cut my hair. I NEVER get my haircut, mostly because I find it a hassle and I just hack at it myself. I live by Tara Palmer-Tompkinson’s best tip in Shout magazine circa early 00’s ‘twirl your hair, snip, instant layers’… At 26, I don’t think I should still be using tips from Shout magazine, let alone Shout magazine in 2003.

4) Start saving proper money to do house things i.e. new kitchen and get rid of all the delightful textured plaster.

You might have noticed the usual lose a billion stone, get the abs of Gisele and arms of Gwyennie isn’t on there. This year I’m not committing myself to clean eating, paleo or ketogenic. I’m planning on 6 weeks of ‘dieting’ (read lower calorie, no sweets, 1 treat meal a week) from now until Valentines Day then I’ll see where I’m at with it. I’ve even planned out every meal in January along with 4x online shops. How can I fail with these organisational skills and a spreadsheet?

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